“I’m just trying to be successful enough to give my dog the backyard he deserves.”


Older generations might find the idea outlandish, but pets have become one of the most common motivators for homeownership among millennials. A recent survey found that for 33% of millennial home buyers, the decision to buy was motivated by their dogs. That’s a higher percentage than for marriage (25%) or children (19%).


“My Pet is My Child”


There are many factors that may explain millennials’ unusually deep love for their pets. The rise of the internet has certainly played a role; cute dog/cat videos have been a cornerstone of the online experience from the beginning, reminding us every day of the laughter and joy these animals provide. Thanks to modern science, we are also more aware than ever before of the intelligence and complexity of our furry friends. We know that they feel emotions like love, happiness, fear, and grief just as strongly as we do, and today’s pet owners may treat them more like equals as a result. In fact, most millennials would be horrified by the way older generations routinely treated their pets (e.g., shock collars, muzzles, physical discipline). Today, they are considered part of the family (including at Sharp Loan!).

There may also be a more practical reason for society’s fascination with dogs and cats; the cost of living is simply too high for many millennials to consider becoming parents. Many are waiting longer to have kids than previous generations did, and some are choosing not to have them at all. Pets are a significantly cheaper and easier alternative, and they still provide companionship and love.


Guide to Home Buying… For Your Pet


Yard and Fencing

Most pet owners envision a big backyard for their dogs to roam free, but it’s important to make sure they’re protected. If there isn’t a fence, you’ll likely need to add one (as per any HOA guidelines or restrictions in the neighborhood) to keep your pets safely inside and wild animals like possums and coyotes out.

The Neighborhood

With dogs, you have to consider how well-suited the area is for walks. Are there any trails or dog parks nearby? Are there coyotes and foxes roaming around at night that could pose a danger to your outdoor cat? How’s the car traffic on the streets surrounding your house? Are there any veterinary clinics or groomers close by? These are all important factors to consider during the home buying process.

The House Layout

Is there enough space inside for you and your pets to coexist comfortably and peacefully? If you have a large dog breed or multiple pets, this will be a crucial consideration. If you have cats, make sure that there is enough space to keep the food bowl, water, and litter box in their own areas. Another important factor is if the home has two or more floors; as your pets age, it may become difficult for them to use the stairs.


This is one of the most important issues when buying a home with your pet in mind. Your best bet for dogs or cats is to go with a hardwood surface and area rugs. Hardwood can be refinished when it gets scratched, and area rugs can be cleaned or replaced more easily than wall-to-wall carpet. Fully carpeted floors can be a disaster for pet owners, easily trapping odors, stains, and pet hair. It’s also not helpful for the resale value of your home.




Many of us love our pets like our own children, and we know a house wouldn’t be a home without them. If you’re looking for the perfect home for you and your fur baby, call us at (888) 311-8339 or contact us below! We can help you achieve your homeownership dreams.


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