So, you’re putting your home on the market. You researched the process endlessly online, found a good real estate agent, and you’re preparing to show your house to prospective buyers. You’ve thought of everything. Right?


Don’t start booking those open house appointments just yet! August has arrived, and we’re in peak summer season. As such, there are some unique challenges (and opportunities) that you need to be prepared for, and we’ve put together a list of tips to help.


1. We all enjoy a nice summer day, but no one likes spending time inside a stuffy, sweltering house. You need to keep the inside of your home as cool and breezy as possible. If you have central AC: now is not the time to conserve electricity – blast that air conditioner! You may even want to have an HVAC technician service it beforehand to make sure it’s running at full efficiency. If you don’t have central AC: fans are your best friend. Place them around your house strategically to create a cross breeze, allowing hot air to vent out and cooler air to replace it. Depending on the severity of the heat in your area, you might even want to consider installing window-mounted air conditioner units.


2. Make sure to keep your blinds and curtains drawn prior to showings, but fling them open once prospective buyers start arriving. Your house will look great with bright, natural lighting. Don’t forget to wipe down those windows first though – any streaks or smudges will be very noticeable.


3. First impressions are everything. Houses look their best in the summertime, but that also means drawing more attention to any aesthetic issues. Make sure there is no peeling or cracking paint on the exterior and that the front door is in pristine condition. The landscaping should look as flawless as possible, so make sure all plants (especially the lawn!) are trimmed, weeded, edged, mowed, and so on. Spend at least a week beforehand watering everything regularly to avoid dead spots in your yard.


4. Have a few cold drink options available for visitors. Ice water is a must, but people will also appreciate classic summer refreshments like lemonade, iced tea, or soda.


5. Make sure to plan ahead if you have a larger family with kids home for summer break. You may find that keeping the house tidy for your showings is more of a challenge. Consider asking a friend or family member to watch the kids for the day – or better yet, get them involved! They could pitch in with cleaning, or even be given tasks like passing out flyers or offering cold drinks to your guests if they are old enough.


6. If you have a decent backyard, make it a focal point of your showings. Spruce up the patio space with tables and chairs, umbrellas, and even a grill if you have one. Let people imagine themselves entertaining guests there. If you have a pool, then play that up too! Get it cleaned and arrange some lounge chairs around it for maximum effect.


If you made it this far then rest easy. By taking these seasonal factors into consideration, you will ensure that your house dazzles any prospective buyers that come your way.


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